Back to Scoraig

Finally, it was time for me to return to Scoraig to check up on the data monitoring equipment we had installed back in April. A busy summer meant that this visit was long overdue and it felt good to be back on Scoraig.

“The gubbins”

Our first turbine, Lawrence Glass’ machine, was installed on a really exposed site on the far south-western tip of the peninsula – ideal for performance testing. It had received a lot of high wind speeds in the last four months and if anything, we actually had too much data! Here’s the curve we produced for this machine:

Lawrence Glass’ 1.8m wind turbine as measured form April-September 2012

The second turbine, John & Debbie’s over in Achmore, was unfortunately not doing so well. There are a lot of trees around and the turbulence they induce has meant that we cannot use the majority of the data. In addition to this, the tower is bent above the top guys, causing the furling behaviour of the machine to be quite dependant on the wind direction. The power curve below shows the data sorted by wind direction in 10 degree intervals and its clear to see that it furls much sooner in some wind directions than others. Hugh made an attempt to straighten the tower, but it wasn’t as easy as we thought as straightening it in one plane actually made it worse in the other!

Hugh will hopefully work his magic on John & Debbie’s tower over the next week or so and we will continue logging there for the next few months. We’re all done at Lawrence’s place though, so we moved the met mast and data-logger over to Aggie’s turbine, which also has a nice, exposed site so we should expect some solid data to come through from here over the next few months.

Hugh wiring up the data logger into its new home at Aggie’s wind turbine.


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