Radi-Aid – Africa for Norway

Certainly raises some interesting questions about how we stereotype people from other countries. Before travelling to Ethiopia last month, I’ll admit that I was a little bit worried that the whole country was going to be a desert and that everybody would be starving and covered in flies (just like on all the Oxfam disaster relief adverts you see on TV). Fortunately I was pleasantly surprised when I found that much of Ethiopia is covered in luscious jungle (the rain is a serious problem as it washes away roads, electricity lines and even houses) and it actually gets really cold at night due to the altitude. The fact that there are so many different groups of people living in Ethiopia make it more like a sub-continent than a single country, meaning that sterotyping an Afari with a Somali or a tribesman from the Omo Valley with a diplomat from Addis Ababa is a completely ridiculous idea.


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