Documentary premiere: Powering the Top of the World

Calling all Londoners: this Thursday, the film made by Chris and Chris of Imperial College about electricity in Nepal will be premiering in London. I was lucky enough to tag along with them in November 2012 when they filmed it, so really excited to see the final product.
Chris and Chris say….
We are very pleased to announce the premiere of the documentary film: Powering the Top of the World which we filmed over the course of our trip to Nepal in the summer of 2012.
We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all who helped make this film possible and to invite you to the upcoming premiere.
Date: Thursday 3rd April
Timing: Refreshments from 6pm, film starts at 6:30pm
Location: Imperial College Union Concert Hall, Beit Quadrangle, Prince Consort Road, London, SW7 2BB
This will be followed by a Q & A and drinks reception.
Tickets are free but please register here to secure you place.
For those unable to make it to London, the film will be released online for you to view shortly afterwards. Further details will follow.
Powering the Top of the World
Nepal resides in a unique situation, trapped between two countries which are rapidly becoming the world’s largest energy consumers; it has vast clean energy resources, but as yet has had little success in harnessing enough energy to satisfy even its own modest domestic needs. Powering the Top of the World examines the transition of the country’s energy system and explores the challenges that this developing nation is facing in the current global geopolitical environment. With 1.2 billion people around the world having no access to electricity, and many more with an unreliable supply, Nepal’s challenges are echoed throughout the world. Through interviews with those in charge as well as the people whose daily lives are impacted, this film asks the question: what is Nepal’s energy future?

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