Matt Little publishes open source datalogger plans

The difficulty of assessing the wind resource is one of the biggest barriers facing small wind for rural electrification. Its so disappointing to see a wind turbine installed in a location without enough wind (<4m/s), but it happens so often as the wind is such a difficult resource to assess. It varies so much in both space and time that the only way to accurately assess the wind resource is to install an anemometer and datalogger to take long term measurements at the installation site.

Problem is that such units are very expensive (normally >£200).

This unit has been designed to provide a low cost solution and is expected to sell for £100. In fact, it is an open source design, so it will hopefully be possible to buy the parts for just £50 and manufacture it yourself.

Matt Little has a PhD in stand alone power systems and has designed and built small wind turbines for the NGO SIBAT in the Philippines during a 1 year Engineers Without Borders placement, so this product comes highly recommended. Find out more on Matt’s web site,


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