Picking up the pieces in Los Gigantes

I visited Los Gigantes back in May, when we installed a 2.4kW Piggott turbine that had been built at a training course run in nearby Córdoba. We also installed an arduino based datalogger – see previous post.

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Unfortunately, the tower of the turbine that our sensors were installed on fell down a few weeks ago, so I arrived to find the anemometers and wind vane broken beyond repair. What is more, the new wifi enabled logger and extra current sensor failed to arrive in time before I left, so the planned upgrade also wasn’t possible. However, all was not lost and we were able to cannibalise one of the wind resource measurement kits that Matt Little had built for me and install a new anemometer on the tower of the new Piggott turbine, “El Pampero”. As a result, we were able to leave the system logging everything apart from wind direction.

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